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Volume 21, No. 1 (1991)

Service Establishments of Manufacturing Companies: Their Role in Understanding Regional Manufacturing Output.  21(1): 3-17.
William A. Testa and David D. Weiss

An Analysis of Impact of the 1974 and 1979 Energy Price Shocks on the Competitive Shift of Industrial Employment.  21(1): 18-49.
Stanley R. Keil

How Do Venture Capitalists Rank Potential Investments? The Role of Government Incentives.  29(1): 50-66.
A. Dwayne Ball and Raymond A. Marquardt

The Farmers’ Protest and the Surface of the Land Rent Cone of Green Bay.  29(1): 67-99.
Bruce W. Meier

Book Review:
The Evolution of Regional Economies: Entrepreneurship and Macroeconomic Change (by Luis Suarez-Villa.  New York: Praeger).  29(1): 101-102.
Reviewed by Roger Bolton

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