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Volume 42, Number 2 ( Table of Contents and Frontmatter)
Special Issue on Market-based Environmental Management
Guest Editor: John Leatherman


Factors Affecting Land Trust Agents’ Preferences for Conservation Easements.  
JRAP 42(2): 88-103.
Eric D. Cropper, Donald M. McLeod, Christopher T. Bastian, Catherine M. Keske,
Dana L. Hoag, and Jennifer E. Cross

Comparing Water Quality Trading Programs: What Lessons Are There To Learn?
JRAP 42(2): 104-125.
Suzie Greenhalgh and Mindy Selman

Modeling Transactions Costs in a Regional Transferable Discharge Permit System for Phosphorus Runoff.   JRAP 42(2): 126-138.
David M. Mitchell and Keith Willett

Establishing a Clearinghouse to Reduce Impediments to Water Quality Trading.  
JRAP 42(2): 139-150.
Jeffrey K. O’Hara, Michael J. Walsh, and Paul K. Marchetti

BMPs For Sale! – Implications from a Case Study in BMP Auctions.   
JRAP 42(2): 151-161.
Craig M. Smith, John C. Leatherman, Jeffrey M. Peterson, John M. Crespi, and
Josh D. Roe

A Simulation of Factors Impeding Water Quality Trading.  
JRAP 42(2): 162-176.
Craig M. Smith, Jeffrey M. Peterson, John C. Leatherman, and Jeffery R. Williams


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