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Volume 46, Number 2 (Table of Contents and Frontmatter)

Regular Articles:

Exploring the Role of Unearned and Non-Wage Income on
Regional Income Convergence
JRAP 46(2): 110-131.
Ryan D. James and Harrison S. Campbell, Jr.

Convergence in Venture Capital Investments: Evidence from a Panel of 18 US Regions.  
JRAP 46(2): 132-137.
T. Parker Ballinger, Wendy Habegger, Clifton T. Jones, and Mark A. Thompson

An Analysis of the Economic Impacts of Big-Box Stores on a Community’s Retail Sector:
Evidence from Maine.
JRAP 46(2): 138-153.
Emily A. Freedman, James C. McConnon, Jr., Gary L. Hunt, and Todd M. Gabe

Residential Electricity Demand in El Paso.  
JRAP 46(2): 154-167.
Thomas M. Fullerton, Jr., David R. Macias, and Adam G. Walke

Corruption and Voter Turnout: A Spatial Econometric Approach.  
JRAP 46(2): 168-185.
Donald J. Lacombe, R. Morris Coats, William F. Shughart II, and Gökhan Karahan

A Short Empirical Note on State Misery Indexes.  
JRAP 46(2): 186-189.
Ryan H. Murphy

A Regional Tale of Two Income Taxes.  
JRAP 46(2): 190-201.
Jerome Segura III

U.S. Shadow Economies, Corruption, and Entrepreneurship:
State-level Spatial Relations.

JRAP 46(2): 202-216.
Travis Wiseman



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